Games to play over FaceTime/Skype: conversation games

Check out some facetime games to make your conversation free from boredom and to stay long with your beloved with more fun leaving the traditional way behind. Certainly you observed, things over the time become monotonous and boring still you want to be there with them.

 As you love to be with them but nothing left to say, what would you do now? Worry not to go ahead and check out some exciting games listed in this article.

Games to play over FaceTime/Skype: conversation games
Games to play over FaceTime/Skype: conversation games

All you need to do is read this.

Lists of some facetime games:

What to do on facetime: check out some conversation game 

  • TWO TRUTHS AND ONE LIE: One of you has to tell three facts about himself. One fact is false and rest two are true. What exactly is to do that one has to speak all of three facts to the partner in such a way that he couldn’t recognize the false fact. And other has to recognize the false fact. play games on face time and skype.

  • 21 QUESTIONS: This will help you to know them whose life you want to read yet you didn’t. There are 21 questions in total to finish the game. You have to ask questions alternately following some rules.

You can go personal, ask provoking questions. Most importantly, no ‘yes’ ‘no’ type answer rather descriptive.

           You can skip the question only once.

  • TRUTH OR DARE: The most common 

game played by a group of friends when done with all the gossips. Once your friends decide to open up your secret will never let you skip this game. Sit in a circle and put the bottle in the center. Every time one of you rotates the bottle, towards whom bottle head points, will be asked to choose truth or dare.

If I choose truth then I have to speak the truth. If I chose dare then I have to perform the task. Do not make the game boring making chain of truth or dare. Put some entertaining questions and tasks.


  • LAST LETTER: It seems quite interesting and easy to play. One has to speak one name and the other has to make a chain of name by adding the other name with the last letter of the name spelled by earliest. Repeat to make the chain of words. One will lose if not utter within 30 sec.

  • SONG LYRICS: Those for music sticky going to be more exciting. One has to sing the melody of a song without uttering a word and has to identify the song. For each correct option, you will get points. Those who will have more points in the last will lead the game.

  • I HAVE NEVER EVER: Try it once you will enjoy it for sure. What actually you have to do is tell some facts that you never did. Like “I never went to France”, “I never watched a horror movie.”,”I never had loved anyone”. For every your “I have never had…..” statement another has to drink if done by them. Move ahead alternately. To make sure you are being entertained shout after each like really? You didn’t or you did?

  • TRUE OR FALSE: If you look to Know new go ahead with this game. This will check your skyline. What exactly to do is to tell some facts about the world or anything absurd the other has to say whether true or false depending upon the knowledge bank.

Games to play over Skype

You are never too old to behave childishly especially with you are beloved. For those who always complained about the long-distance relationship now can go around fun and laugh endlessly. 

A game is always an option to swing your mind and for relaxation. Who else not like the conversation?

What if it turns in a conversation game? Certainly, you would like the conversation game with your loved one only. and games to play on face time and skype

The conversation becomes monotonous after a certain time and sometimes leads to chaos. Why fight unnecessarily and behave absurdly? Go on and check some conversation games over Skype or FaceTime. And stay endlessly with no more boredom with more blissfulness.

 Fun Things to do over     FaceTime or Skype 

    • Play charades
    • Have an origami competition
    • Watching movies simultaneously
    • Blind drawing challenge
    • Asking about experience
    • Having Skype phone drinking date
    • Research your loved ones
    • Thought-provoking game
    • Double dates on Skype
    • Storytelling
    • Movie identification
    • Song lyrics
    • Play board games online

Six Degree Separation – games like 21 questions:

It is so simple but difficult if you know things but not able to utter that moment only. And you will be like ‘oh god’ I knew it. All you need to select any celebrity and together joins things in not more than six minutes

Write a narrative together: 

What if both of you belong to the same genres? Create certain things to your mind and mail your spouse every week.

Ask him to add his imagination and send you back with some suspicion. Let things happen and at the end of the month, you will get around a different story of around 50000 words.

Have an origami contest:

If you are good at making things using paper cut and want to challenge your partner then go ahead.

All you require is a sheet of paper to make some cartoons and a webcam to compare with your partner’s origami.

You will certainly have fun

Try puzzling among:

Make sure that both of you have the same puzzling cube. Try to solve online video calling. Set time before the start and go on solving at one to one. See who else solve at first.


Always having conversations over FaceTime or Skype become quite boring. This is more noticeable in a couple carrying a long-distance relationship. They can only do is hang on over conversation on Skype or calls. 

They always want to be around for a long time but what if nothing to talk. So you do not need to switch rather switch to a game conversation and add some spices to your life.

Be childish but not mature enough to judge your relationship by saying it’s not working anymore just because you are bored of all your traditional talks.

All you need to conduct it wisely and with blissfulness. There is nothing that is exciting all over the way rather become monotonous in a while.

I hope you like the article and proved to be helpful.

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