Four Years a Non Smoker

Another year as a non smoker has come and gone, today I make four years since I made the agreement that my health matters. There is not much to write about that I have not added before, but I do like to mark each year and hope others will make the choice to quit. Four years ago, most of my close friends were smokers. Today only two of my friends smoke and they are working on quitting. I send them all the positive energy I can and support their struggle to quit smoking.

In the last year a couple I know quit smoking, hurray for them! I quit four years ago along with my room-mate at the time. She quit two days before I did and I’m very happy to report she is still smoke free! I’ve noticed a change with the friends and community around me. Smoking isn’t seen as cool like it was. It’s seen as a weakness and self-abuse. More and more kids are not starting and I hope that trend improves. What a horrible product to use against oneself.

Smelling smoke on others is disgusting and I cringe when I think I used to smell like that. I recently told I friend I did not want to travel in her car anymore because the smoke from her cigarette gave me a headache. I feel great and I am so  proud of myself. I know I have improved however many years I have on this world. I’ve saved thousands of dollars, more importantly I have saved my health! I quit smoking with the help of the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

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