Hot or cold, dry or wet, this rubberized tape can be used in any form. This is strong, waterproof and bonds really quick. The official product was registered in December 2016, and the tape claims to work even under water. The tape claims to attach to any surfaces and is ideal for [pools, inflatables, etc. 

The official website of the product is flextapeoffer.com, but you can buy the product from some local stores, online websites, and even from Walmart. 



Flex seal has been favorite, and the brand has been endorsed for several years. Flex tape is a new launch under the brand and is a waterproof and super durable rubberized tape that stops any kind of leakage and starts effectively. I have read many customer reviews about Flex tape before buying it from Amazon. But I will share my personal study in this article with this revolutionary product.

The first thought that comes to my mind after using this product is that this is very similar to Fiber fix, which is 100 times stronger than any general duct tape. The product was featured in the shark tank, and the unfortunate downside of Fiber fix was, it is one-time use, and you need to use the entire product in one go.

 But I found Flex Tape to be very different to Fiber Fix, as you don’t need to waste the entire product even when not required. You can simply cut the amount you need. Peel off the backing, and the tape is all set to use. I used a single roll for almost a month, and that is pretty impressive. 



I am not actually offended while answering this question because I know that is what running in your mind. For me, the case was the same too. Anyways for the first test of the product, I took a piece of PVC pipe and put that between two hoses. After which I cut a slit on the tube. 

I fixed the seal tape when the water was running as I needed to check if it gets adjusted in any surface, as it claims. While setting the tape on any surface, I need to be very attentive as there is always a chance of making a mistake. Once the flex tape is attached, it is difficult to remove. But somehow if you make a mistake, try to remove the tape and try again. 

I was lucky enough to be able to put the tape correctly in one go. To my surprise, it stopped most of the leakage of the slit. As I put the tape while the water was running, some bubbles were formed, and some waterdrops were running from underneath the tape, but the result was impressive. 

Note: If you are using the tape for fixing any leakage where the running water can be stopped, try doing the fixing before the water flows. 


This was another question in my mind. If you read the description of the product thoroughly, you can see that they claim the product to work underwater. This was test time for that claim too. I took a plastic container along with water filled into it. Next, I cut a hole in the pot and fixed a portion of flex tape from inside the container. 

I was surprised by the result as the leak almost stopped instantly. Next, I fixed another piece of the same tape from outside, and the leakage stopped utterly this time. 


Experience: I think this tape is perfect for fixing any leakage but can work differently on some surfaces. A plain surface can create bubbles in the tape and water can seep out. But as an overall review, I found the tape to be very sticky and durable. It can fail to stop the leakage by 100% in some cases where it is not fixed correctly, but I bet you, you have never seen any product superior to this one. Please let me know how were your experiences with Flex Tape in the comment section.


As I mentioned at the beginning of this article that Fiber Fix can be considered to be an alternative of Flex Tape, which is used for the same purposes. Fibre Fix came in different sizes and was featured in shark tank a long ago. 

Another alternative can be Gorilla Tape, which is designed as a robust double adhesive and is workable to resist water and leakage. 

But which one to use when you need duct tape for your water rides or using under water.


Both the products are water resistant, and I can’t deny the fact. You can find one works better than others depending on the surface you are fixing, or the damage you are working on. But whatever you may pick, both the products are convenient and can be carried along for any emergency. 

But when I tried gorilla tape personally, I found it better to work underwater.

Gorilla tape provides extra protection to the leakage even when you are dragging the surface along with the ground. The tape does not come out or leak even when it is not entirely dried. The tape works completely fine on any surface. 

The only flex seal complaint I have is, Flex tape, on the other hand, claims to be water resistant and to stick on any surface, but at certain places, it doesn’t hold that well. Basically, Flex Tape doesn’t work good on plastic-based vessels. 


Removing flex tape is a hard task when the tape gets entirely fixed on any surface. You need to put really some effort to pull the tape out. When you pull pout flex tape after a certain period, it leaves some residue behind because of the adhesive which helps the tape to stick

But you can simply use some solvent to bring that out. You can use acetone or even some mild spirit to brink out the tape residue. But remember that if you choose to use acetone, don’t use that inside your house, instead choose some other place which is adequately ventilated. 


If you want to roam here and there looking for Flex Seal tape that is up to you. I have already mentioned earlier about the buying options of Flex Seal Tape. But I choose Amazon.com every time I run out of my roll of seal tape. 

You can have a few size options of the product: 4 inches X 5 feet, 8 inches X 5 feet, and 12 inches X 10 feet. You can choose the one according to your requirement. But this product is not for one-time use and can be stored for longer for future use. 


The product ranges from $26.42 to $49.99, varying by the size you choose. Thus, looking for lucrative offers and deals before buying flex seal tape is not bad at all. I purchased my first seal tape in discount by the selling website itself. But if you can’t find any current offer running, you can use Flex Tape Coupon Codes to buy the product lower than the selling price.

https://www.coupons.com/coupon-codes/flex-seal/ is an excellent website for awesome deals in anything, including flex tapes. You can check Flex Tape offers on different websites too, to make your purchase value for money shopping. 



If you want to use flex tape for the first time, trust me, you will be more than happy with the result. The product is sturdy and can stop any leakage completely. Be cautious while fixing the tape on the surface and don’t let any bubble to form. Let us know how was your experience while using the product in the comments below.

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