Fitness Log: December 1, 2014

My fitness journey has begun its final month of 2014 and it’s time to update! It’s amazing to think that it’s December and 2014 is nearly over! November was tough month. About the first two weeks of the month I was sick with a sinus infection. It wasn’t something that made me feel sick, just really tired. I also had a rough time sleeping during that time. I did check my weight after I began to feel better. I did put on weight and for the last two weeks of the month I worked to getting those pounds off.

For the month of November I put on 2 pounds. I am in no way upset about it. I was sick and tired for a few weeks. The last week of the month in old knee injury flared up. A big positive for the month was that I maintained a weightlifting schedule. I lifted weights at least twice if not three times a week for the month of November. Even though I was sick early on, it was easier for me to lift weights than once to do cardio work. So I am happy to be lifting weights regularly and maybe I’m putting on a little muscle which will offset weight loss.

November has passed and I feel good about it. Given what I went through with being sick and an injury, to end up with a 2 pound gain doesn’t bother me at all. I know at one point during the month, I was up 5 pounds! I will be more careful with my knee and continue to do my best to both cardio wise and weightlifting. Have a great month, keep up the work and I’ll be back in the new year!

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