Full Guide On Fallout 4 Anti crash For Using The Game Smoothly

Fallout 4 was one of the most anticipated games released this year, and while it’s an amazing game, some Windows 10 users are reporting issues with it as well. Let us see if there is a way to solve them.

fallout 4 crashing on startup: Users report that Fallout 4 crashes a few seconds after starting a game, and this can be very frustrating since they can’t play the game they just bought, but don’t worry, there are few solutions that can come in handy.

How to troubleshoot Fallout 4 in Windows 10

 fallout 4 anti crash
fallout 4 anti crash

Fallout 4 is a great game, but many users have reported various issues with it. Speaking of issues, here are some of the most common Fallout 4 issues on Windows 10:

Fallout 4 crash on startup windows 10:

Fallout 4 Windows 10 won’t start, it starts – According to users, sometimes you may not be able to start Fallout 4 at all on your PC. If you have this problem, you may be able to fix it using one of our solutions.

Fallout 4 crashing on launch:

Fallout 4 has stopped working in Windows 10 – This is also a relatively common problem with Fallout 4. To fix it, try running Fallout 4 in Compatibility mode.

Fallout 4 Windows 10 black screen:

If you come across a black screen every time you try to run Fallout 4, the problem may be the graphics card. To fix the problem, make sure you’re using a dedicated graphics card to run Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 crashes Windows 10 – Another problem with Fallout 4 is crash. If you have this problem, make sure your drivers are up to date.

Fallout 4 Windows 10 is not responding –

 fallout 4 anti crash
fallout 4 anti crash

This is another common Fallout 4 problem. To fix it, make sure other third-party apps don’t interfere with the game.

Fallout 4 crash fixes:

Fallout 4 x3daudio1_7.dll is missing Windows 10: This error may appear if you don’t have the necessary components installed. To fix it, install DirectX and the required C ++ Redistributables.

Update display drivers

Before you begin, you will need the Display Driver Uninstaller, also known as DDU. If you don’t have the tool properly installed, you can simply download it from site . After downloading DDU we can start the process of driver updates.

First of all, run DDU to uninstall the display drivers. To see how to use this tool, be sure to check out our article on Display Driver Uninstaller.

After the uninstall process is complete, you can go to the graphics card manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers for your graphics card.

When the download is complete, simply install the drivers and restart the computer.

Check and verify if the problem is resolved. We also have to mention that sometimes the latest drivers can cause problems, so you may want to consider downloading the older version. If you need more information, see our article on how to update the graphics card driver.

Updating drivers manually is very annoying, so we recommend that you download DriverFix to do it automatically. This way you will avoid file loss and even permanent damage to your computer by downloading and installing the wrong driver versions.

Fallout 4 crashes after a few minutes: Get DriverFix now from the official website

 fallout 4 anti crash
fallout 4 anti crash

Uninstall software

If you can’t run Fallout 4 on your Windows 10 PC, the problem may be Raptr software. According to users, this software may interfere with Fallout 4 and prevent it from running. However, you can fix the problem simply by removing the problem application.

There are many ways to do it, but the best one is to use the uninstall software to remove it. Many applications tend to leave files and registry entries even after deleting them, and sometimes these files may cause problems in the future.

To make sure that an application has been completely removed, you can use tools like Revo Uninstaller, IOBIT Uninstaller (free) or Ashampoo Uninstaller. These applications are designed to completely remove the applications from your PC and using them will remove the Raptr software completely. Also read- What is rapidleech

Check your antivirus

 fallout 4 anti crash
fallout 4 anti crash

Antivirus tools can sometimes interfere with your applications and cause various problems. If you can’t run fallout 4 anti crash on your PC, you may want to check if your antivirus is the problem. To solve this problem, it is recommended to completely disable the antivirus and try to run the game again.

If the problem persists, you may want to uninstall the antivirus and switch to a different antivirus solution. Antivirus tools like Bit defender and Bull Guard include a feature called Game Mode, so they won’t interfere with your games at all. If your antivirus is the problem, be sure to try one of these tools.

Download beta update 1.1.30

Some users report crashes that occur every 10-15 minutes in the game, and to fix this you will need to install the 1.1.30 Beta update. To install the update it is necessary to do the following:

Open Steam and search for Fallout 4.

Right click and choose Properties.

Search Beta Section and select 1.1.30 Beta Update to download.

After the 1.1.30 Beta update is downloaded, run the game and check to see if the issue is resolved.

To improve game performance and get rid of crashes, slowdowns, lags, low FPS, and other annoying issues, we recommend downloading Game Fire (free) .

Start the required game only in compatibility mode

 fallout 4 anti crash
fallout 4 anti crash

Before you start, make sure you have the latest stable drivers installed and that you have downloaded the 1.1.30 Beta update.

  • Open Steam and search for Fallout 4 . Right click and choose Properties
  • Then go to Local Files> Verify Integrity of Game Cache.
  • Go back to the Local Files tab and click Browse Local Files.
  • Find Fallout4.exe and right-click. Choose Properties from the list.

Go to the Compatibility tab. Now select Run this software in compatibility mode and select Windows 7 from the list. Also, be sure to also check the box Run as administrator. Click Apply and OK to save the changes. Now repeat step 5 for Fallout4Launcher.exe (it should be in the same folder as Fallout4.exe).

Change Fallout4Prefs.ini

Users complain that they can’t run Fallout 4 in full screen mode, but at the same time, the game works great in windowed mode. To solve this problem, you should do the following:

Open File Explorer and go to UsersDocumentsMy GamesFallout 4 .

Open the file called Fallout4Prefs.ini with Notepad .

Find the following variables and modify them by these values:

bMaximizeWindow = 0

bWithout borders = 1

bFull Screen = 0

iSize H = 1080

iSize W = 1920

Also, make sure that iSize H and iSize W match the current screen resolution you are using.

 fallout 4 anti crash
fallout 4 anti crash

Save the changes and start the game.

Solution 7 – Change video settings

According to users, you may be able to fix this issue simply by changing the resolution of the game. To resolve this issue, the resolution in the game must match the resolution of the Windows screen. After changing the resolution, check if the problem persists.

Several users reported that switching to Window mode fixed the problem for them, so you may also want to try it. Surprisingly, few users reported that disabling windowed mode fixes the problem for them, so be sure to try both options.

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