Falling off the Vegetarian Wagon

Falling off the Vegetarian Wagon. The end of this month marks fours years as vegetarian. Well…it would have if I had not decided to partake in some chicken nuggets a few days ago. I decided to have a vegetarian diet for several reasons and now it’s all conflicting. I’m the only vegetarian I know so in any social event that involves food I sort of feel like an outsider. Eating at restaurants with friends hasn’t been too bad, there’s always something I can eat that doesn’t have meat.

Falling off the Vegetarian Wagon

Eating at friends and family is a little different, with some friends going out of their way to make sure I have non meat dishes options. I think the social aspect has been the biggest factor in trying meat again. I did like the taste, but not how I felt afterward.

Falling off the Vegetarian Wagon

My friends want me to eat meat and I understand why. Food is a part of the human experience and we all want to share what we like and have the that social interaction. But after researching what animals go through in our industrialized food system, I can’t just forget.

I can’t forget how most animals destined for our plates are mistreated and pumped full of antibiotics and steroids. After knowing that, how can I happily eat the flesh of an animal knowing what a miserable life it had?

I’ve told my friends I don’t know if I will continue to eat meat. They say I should “live life” and enjoy what food I want. I mean no disrespect to my friends, but ignorance is bliss. I felt the same way before I found out what animals suffered through. I just can’t disconnect myself from what I have researched.

Time will tell, but I don’t think I want to eat meat again.

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