Essential Lifestyle & Food Tips for Cancer Prevention

Cancer is a term that no one wants to get associated with. It is frightening and life-threatening. Numerous research is being conducted to find the best cure for this disease, such as the nasopharyngeal cancer blood test service at Take2 Health. Nonetheless, it is essential to keep assessing one’s physical wellbeing.

Cancerous cells can invade adjacent tissues through abnormal cell division along with spreading through another body part through the lymph system and blood. Cancer refers to many diseases instead of one disease alone. As a matter of fact, there are more than a hundred kinds of cancer.

Here are some cancer-preventive tips that can benefit you:

Screening Tests

Going for radula check-ups and screening tests is essential, especially when you want to detect cancer at the earliest stages. As you get yourself screened regularly, you can find colon cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, etc. By detecting cancer at the earliest stages, you can find the best possible ways to treat the diseases. If you are a smoker, we recommend going for regular lung cancer screening sessions so that the disease can be cured as early as possible.

Get Vaccinated

By getting vaccinated and getting vaccine shots, you can help to lower the risks of cancer. For instance, the HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine can help with the prevention of many cancers, such as different types of cervical cancers. By taking the vaccine shot for hepatitis B, you can curb the risks of liver cancer. The bottom line is that one can remain safe from all types of cancers by getting vaccine shots.

Healthy Life Choices

It is recommended that you avoid processed and unhealthy food altogether. By avoiding alcohol and tobacco, you can lower the risks of developing cancer. It is recommended that you apply sunscreen on your face every day to protect yourself from skin cancer.

As we pass through 2021, we have become aware of the unpredictability of life more than before as we try to move on towards a better and healthier lifestyle. A summary of preventive measurements would be as following:

·         Maintain a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) – be lean but don’t become underweight.

·         Make sure to remain physically active for at least 20 to 30 minutes every day. The importance of staying active has increased more than before.

·         Avoid sugary beverages and high-calorie, fat-enriched, and low-fibered food choices.

·         Consume more vegetables, whole grains, and fruits.

·         If you consume alcohol and tobacco, you will have to limit your intake. Suppose you are habitual of consuming alcohol every day; limit it to one glass only.

·         Avoid consuming processed meats, including red meats.

·         Salty food needs to be limited.

·         New mothers need to breastfeed their babies to prevent cancer.

·         After cancer treatment, cancer survivors must follow cancer-prevention recommendations as prescribed by their doctors.

·         One of the essential cancer-prevention tips is to stay lean and maintain a healthy weight without getting underweight. By staying active and drinking more water, you can maintain a healthy weight scale.

How Can You Follow the Recommendations & Tips?

Have the Perfect Body Mass Index (BMI): while you try to reach the perfect BMI, you shouldn’t be looking at the weight scale alone. You should be taking body measurements and assessing your waist, arms, legs, abdominal fat, etc. it is recommended that the waists of men shouldn’t surpass 37-inches, whereas, ideally, the waists of women shouldn’t be more than 31-inches.

Getting Active: as we are moving in a digital era where our access to the outside world is quite limited (due to the pandemic), we have to focus on becoming active more than before. Suppose you work from home, and your local gym is closed (due to social distancing and safety measures), make it a point to get up at least every hour and walk for 10 minutes around,

If you cannot leave your workstation, get up at least for five minutes after every 2 hours. While it is recommended to stick to a 30-minutes workout session every day, you can also break it into two 15-minutes workout sessions. You could also go on brisk walks as it would also uplift your mood while getting you on the move.

Avoid Sugary Drinks: sugary drinks aren’t a healthy food choice. Energy-dense food choices, such as energy drinks, can cause cancer. Often, people who overindulge in energy drinks can catch serious diseases, including cancer. Instead of consuming sugary drinks and energy drinks, consuming fruits, whole grains, and veggies is recommended.

Cut down Alcohol Intake: ideally, tobacco and alcohol should be avoided at all costs – everyone knows that it is not good for health. It has been stated that women, in particular, should consider staying away from alcohol. Drinking increases the potential risks of breast cancer and heart diseases.

Avoid Cancer-prevention Supplements: you have to understand that supplements are not bad, but, except for vitamin D, no supplement has proven so far to be effective for cancer prevention. It is essential for cancer survivors to strictly follow the cancer-prevention measurements as prescribed by their doctors.  

Top Cancer-Fighting Foods

Before we assess the best food choices against cancer, here is a disclaimer: no food choice can truly protect you completely against cancer. However, certain food choices can significantly lower the risk of developing cancer. For instance, by adding apples to your daily diet, you can include anti-cancer properties, such as polyphenols.

Polyphenols are found in plans and are active ingredients to prevent inflammation, infections, and heart diseases. Numerous research suggests that apples pose anticancer and anti-tumor properties that are essential for cancer prevention. Berries are enriched with minerals and vitamins and replete with antioxidant properties. For instance, blackberries contain anthocyanin, which prevents colon cancer.

By consuming more veggies, such as kale, cauliflower, and carrots, you can prevent cancer. Veggies and fruits are essential not only for cancer but also for our overall health. If you are going through cancer treatment, we recommend consuming fish. Fish is enriched with essential nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids and potassium, which protect against cancer and increases the number of red blood cells, which get affected during cancer treatments.

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