Easy Product Displays For Amazon and Zazzle

A great affiliation tool I am using for Amazon and Zazzle is Easy Product Displays. Easy Product Displays(EPD for short) is a website that makes it incredibly easy for me to search for an affiliate both Amazon(U.S. and U.K.) or Zazzle products. When it comes to affiliation on the internet, you need to use the best affiliation tools available. This is where EPD comes in.

What is Easy Product Displays?

Easy Product Displays is an easy to use website that offers you a powerful affiliations tool for both Amazon and Zazzle products. Between Amazon and Zazzle you have millions of products to affiliate! Before using EPD you need to be an affiliate for Amazon and/or Zazzle. If you are not signed up already, these links will get you started: Amazon Affiliate and Zazzle Affiliate.


Why should you use Easy Product Displays? It’s simple and easy is why! You can use EPD for articles and posts on just about every platform from Blogger, Squidoo, Weebly, Redgage, Netleeks, Webnuggetz, and WordPress.

Same products, different display options

The above examples are just two of possible hundreds of layout combinations. Use your imagination and create unique product displays!

EPD offers two different product templates to use. Responsive Displays and Flow Displays.

Responsive Display Templates are displays that auto adjusts to fit the screen size of the user’s computer or mobile device. If you pick a display template that features a two column top row with a row of 4 products under it will remain a 2×4 display regardless of the device screen size it is being displayed on. The downside is that the images will not be available for social sharing or Pinterest. It’s a good idea to include uploaded images for social sharing.


Flow Display Templates are a fixed width display and will auto correct itself by dropping the products to a new row when it runs out of screen size. Product images can be pinned and used for social sharing. The provided HTML code works on any website or platform.

I absolutely LOVE the responsive display templates. No longer do I have to fight to get clean rows and columns of products, they automatically adjust! I can spend more time writing and promoting and not being flustered over HTML and other code.

Save Multiple Display Settings. Many of us have more than one website or platform we affiliate products on. All of my websites have different color combinations, look and overall feel. 

Under your EPD Settings, you have control over how your product display looks. You can see in the screenshot to the left I can’t show all the options there are so many! You control what the product picture looks like and there is a real-time preview so you get exactly what you want.

You control the border(if any), border thickness and color. You can have a lined border, dots, and even 3D options. You can show or not show the product name, choose one of ten different fonts, title color, and size. Even product Fit or Fill!

A great feature is the Trim Product Name. This feature really helps in maintaining a clean overall look. It allows you to adjust how long the product name is and keeps them all trimmed to a certain amount of words.

The first options are open in a new window, no follow attribute and use product name as link title. Having a no follow option and open in a new window or tab is a must for me.

You also have Bold and Italic options and can even hide text if you want. If you hide both the product name and buy button options you could have a full grid of just product images. It’s all customizable so you can get the look you want to match your site or platform! I love it!

Custom HTML button, Predefined Image Buttons and More

There is a very nice choice of predefined image buttons if you want something a little flashier than text. Under the Buy Button options, you can select Predetermined Image Buttons and select one of the image buttons, including Amazon and Zazzle specific.

The different image buttons also include Buy Now, Available Now, Add to Cart, New Arrival and Coming Soon …all well thought out options!

If you choose not to customize an HTML button or use a predefined image button, you can use your own image! There is an option for Custom Button Image URL.

When you have your settings the way you like, you can save them for future use! Amazing! You can save up to 20 separate display settings for your different websites or affiliation platforms. Excellent options! (Display settings are saved, not your code)

Even little things you wouldn’t think of are included such as character count and one-click copy to clipboard. Great care was taken to make Easy Product Displays easy to use and efficient.

OK, EPD is a fantastic affiliating tool …what does it cost?

You get to try out a FREE 3 day trial of Easy Product Displays. Easy Products Display is a pay to use affiliate tool. At a mere $5.99 a month it’s an exceptional affiliate tool value. I could go on and on about how much EPD has made my Amazon and Zazzle affiliating life easier and more efficient.

I’ve put in a request for a Cafepress module to be added. I’m hoping it’ll be added in the future and if it is I’ll update this post. For the price of a coffee shop latte each month you have the power of Easy Product Displays. It’s become my favorite Amazon and Zazzle tool.

HIGHLY recommended Easy Product Displays!

If you really want to take your Zazzle affiliating with EPD to the next level, check out Zazzle – Spaghetti Marketing!

Once you’re signed up and using EPD you can affiliate the website and earn money getting your affiliate partners and friends hooked on using it too!

I’ll do my best to answer any questions and you can also visit the Easy Product Displays Facebook page. Check out the Easy Product Displays website for more information and screenshots.

Quick Highlights of Easy Product Displays:

  • Try It For Free For 3 Days
  • Add U.S.A. and U.K. Amazon products without leaving the site
  • Add Zazzle products without leaving the site
  • Responsive code
  • Works on all websites
  • Floating Text Options
  • Templates
  • Saved settings
  • Save all of your affiliate ID’s in your profile
  • Many call to action buttons or use your own
  • Invite your friends and get paid $$!
  • Affiliates Dashboard
  • Use Our Affiliates Banners

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