Development and launch of the SYPWAI project

SYPWAI has been identified as one of the most promising AI startups. Having received a grant for its development, the platform began to grow at a high speed and soon millions of people around the world learned about it. Moreover, its main goal is to solve any existing problem with AI. Moreover, since its launch, a relatively young startup has been able to win the recognition and respect of many of the largest holdings and corporations that seek help every day.

How does SYPWAI work and why are the employees of the company not only highly competent specialists and scientists with a worldwide reputation, but also ordinary people?

In pursuit of its main goal (solve your problem with AI), SYPWAI also has an important mission to provide jobs for those who are interested to increase awareness in the field of innovative technologies and allow them to earn money.

The learning algorithm of a neural network, in which people participate, has two directions: general and special. For general training, a person just needs to be able to distinguish a heron from a giraffe in the picture. This algorithm is similar to an educational game for children. People of completely different ages, social statuses, and professional skills can take part in it. To start special training in a neural network, you need to be a specialist in a specialized field, for example, medicine, physics, chemistry, and engineering. For this marking direction, the neural network passes the selection of experts using the IQ – test and test on professional suitability. Everything is very serious and the system does not tolerate errors.

SYPWAI has defined the focus in its work not on its expansion, but on the development of the companies that asked for help. The platform works for the benefit of people, tries to help both large corporations in optimizing their business processes and people allowing them to earn money.

What happens when a third-party request comes into SYPWAI?

Every day, SYPWAI users solve a tremendous number of issues, such as problems with the service, increased sales, increased customer loyalty, workflow optimization, and many others. This became possible thanks to the large number of platform employees from all over the world who are engaged in neural network markup and platform support.

When SYPWAI receives a request from a company about a problem, this request/task is sent to hundreds of SYPWAI platform users to their personal account. To solve the problem the user must pass the IQ – a test for the confirmation of competence in a given field and ability to solve it properly.

So, getting a job and having passed the test, the user proceeds to the execution of this task. Further, after the assigned deadline, SYPWAI collects all the solved options and generates a correct answer. What for remuneration, each user who solved the task correctly receives a payment for their job.

SYPWAI solves problems

No wonder the company chose the slogan “solve your problem with AI”. Working for the benefit of humanity, the company did not just increase its awareness in the world. Indeed, by integrating artificial intelligence into business work processes, production potential is increased and innovation is one-step closer.

SYPWAI is proud to be involved in the development of technological progress and can be useful not only for companies but for all people.

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