Product videos are explainer videos that try to demonstrate the benefits of a product while focusing on its features too. Product videos must be formed in such a way that it brings your story to life quickly, trying to gather public interest as they scroll through their feeds. It must be able to give clarity of what your video is in the first few seconds. 

To make your video truly engaging, you’ll need to present the information in a way that is concise and just. For example, if you’ve planned only the topic of your video and not the main idea, then there is no point in implementation and all of it would make no sense. It is salient to know that your viewers will only stay with you for a specific period. 

Hence, we have got some effective product video ideas which you can use to your rescue. Let’s see how you can create your first product video, in a few minutes.

A Few Product Video Ideas

Product videos can be as creative and fun as you want and can make it. There are plenty of Promo Video Makersand varieties of templates available online and that too free of cost!

Product video templates possess an advantage that they can be completely customizable. You can add photos of your own product, update the text, and even add your brand logo and its colors to make it look a little elegant.

  1. Product Intro– As the name implies, you can share a quick introduction to your product. You can pick some photos of your product and add some texts and graphics to focus on the value for your customers. It does not necessarily have to be multiple photos, a single photo can do. You can make it look creative and visually-engaging. 

Product intros can be posted on product pages or as video ads, targeting an audience that may seem interested in your product. 

  1. Product Catalog Video– In this, you can feature your full product collection and also use it as a social media ad, featuring a promo

You can use this type of video on a landing page that links out to various product pages in your collection. 

  1. Sales Promotion Video– Engage people to your website and encourage them to buy your product. Promote a special sale or promo related to your product. Urge people to take advantage of the online deal in your eCommerce shops by updating copies. You can also use a burst of photos of your product. Even if you don’t have enough photos for the burst, you can try with fewer images. 

These template videos can be posted right in front of your target audience with the right message. In this way, you can target the existing as well as new customers who might be interested in your product. 

  1. Product Testimonial– For creating this kind of video, you can collect all your best reviews and put them in a video for your potential customers to know that you’re reputable and reliable. 

Product testimonials can be posted on your product page or in ads targeting a high-intent audience as word of mouth always works and by seeing a positive experience of one customer, the other one is almost convinced to buy the product.

  1. Product in action– You can show how a product works or what is the use of it and the different ways it can be used in. It is all about bringing your product to life. This type of video can be worked well in YouTube. It would uplift your value on social media channels. 
  2. Product Story– Show the story behind the product. Share the history in making of it, to let people know how and why is your product special. Share behind the scene stories with people to make them feel one with your brand. 

It works best on social media platforms but it can also be included within a section of your product page.

  1. Before and After video– This works best is your product gives results which amuse people. The one which gives dramatic results. It works well if posted on your product page itself. It can work nicely on social media too. 

Steps in creating a product video within minutes

Creating a product video is no big deal and is as easy as making a video ad in Video Editor/Maker. Below are the steps in creating the video.

Step 1: Select a template– The very first thing when it comes to create a product video is to choose a template in relevance to your product. Templates are easily customizable and different photos, text, logo and brand colors can be added too.

Step 2: Upload your own product photos– You can drag and drop your own product photos to replace with the sample ones in the template. 

Step 3: Add your own message– For this, click on the text in each block to update it with your own messages. 

Step 4: Add effects– It is time to add on a few things to customize your video with the brand aesthetic. Select relevant fonts and colors to be matched with the background. Add your logo by clicking on “Add a block.” You can also change your video style that define transitions and text animations in your video. 

Step 5: Publish and Share– The final step after your video is created is to publish and share it. After publishing the video, don’t forget to share your video link on your social media pages! 


We have seen a brief upon how the product video can be created and which few templates can be used while creating your video. Share your experience with us and do let us know how it went about!

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