Chemerical Documentary Review

What happens when a family decides to stop using toxic products in their home and on their bodies? Are the products we use for personal hygiene and cleaning our home actually safe?

Chemerical Documentary Review. Browsing through Netflix I came across a new addition to the documentaries called Chemerical. The documentary about living toxic free itself is not new but since I have streaming Netflix it takes time for movies, TV shows and documentaries to be added.

I was instantly attracted to watching Chemerical since I often look for ways to remove toxic chemicals from my cleaning supplies and life in general.

Chemerical is a documentary from Andrew Nisker whose first environmental documentary Garbage! was released in 2007. Until Chemerical I had not heard of Andrew Nisker and I have not seen Garbage! I am very interested in seeing it now though!

Chemerical sheds light on the many toxic chemicals we use everyday for cleaning and personal hygiene and their harmful effects.

Director Andrew Nisker asks the Goode family to slowly stop using the toxic products they use and replace them with toxic free, often made at home cleaning products. Several experts are brought in to talk to the Goode family about what the toxic chemicals are and how they are harmful to the family.

At one point Momma Goode starts crying after realizing she has used these toxic chemicalson and around her children for their entire lives.

Chemerical Documentary Review

As the Goode family gathers up all the toxic cleaners there is resistance and doubt in the family about how well natural, non-toxic cleaners will be. All of the toxic cleaning products are rounded up and taken to the local facility that disposes of toxic chemicals.

Any resistance or doubt soon fades as the entire Goode clan learns more about the harmful chemicals used in everyday products. The Goode teenagers who were once skeptical about giving up their beauty products discover and switch to non toxic versions.


The Goode family is a quirky group and sometimes annoying. They are entertaining though and it’s amazing to see the change to see them as a whole go from mindless consumers to empowered non toxic advocates.

The film does a good job at showing the harmful side of using what we think are safe products when we don’t need all the toxic chemicals and extra junk that’s added to our products. It also shows how we as consumers don’t take personal action and fall for the hype and marketing of consumer products.

Watching Chemerical has pushed me over that last edge I needed to reach to make certain changes in my life. In the last year I have replaced some of the cleaning products I used with natural ones.

I also use one of the Eco-friendly all natural laundry detergents. It’s about to run out and now is the perfect time to try making my laundry soap! It’s actually exciting to me!

I hope Chemerical helps others to be more responsible in knowing what is in our everyday products and lead them to a toxic free lifestyle. It has for me! We all need to do what we can to make the world a better and healthier place to live.

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