Best Screen Mirroring App

screen mirroring apps

Technology has become an integral part of our daily life. Right from a smartphone, tablets to computers and laptops, everything has become a necessity in our day to day life.  With every passing day, new innovations are being made to ensure that our life becomes simpler and easy thanks to the various apps and controls … Read more

Lie Detector Test Apps

Lie Detector Test Apps

Gone are the days, when you could trust a person blindly and believe in whatever he said at face value. These days, it is not an easy task to detect if a person in front of you is saying the truth or not. How do you understand if your partner or family members are actually … Read more

Best Hidden Camera Detector App

Best Hidden Camera Detector App

There are a lot of camera detector apps that are available these days. Most of the people these days are very cautious about the hidden cameras. Technically, the hidden cameras are meant to be used by people with authority and for spying purposes.  However, these days a lot of people are using it for unwanted … Read more

A day at the virtual races

I love driving games. I remember playing driving games at the video arcade as a kid. Then came the home video game consoles and the personal computer. I’ve played video driving games from the beginning and continue to drive to this day. I loved driving games before I could drive. When I switched to the … Read more

Decoding Deepak Review

The world famous spiritual leader is filmed for a year by his son Gotham Chopra. Is Deepak Chopra the spiritual leader you think he is?

Decoding Deepak Review. I watched a documentary about Deepak Chopra called Decoding Deepak. I’ve never been a big reader of Chopra’s work but have seen him in spiritual documentaries. Like anyone interested in spirituality I know he is regarded as a spiritual teacher. Gotham Chopra is Chopra’s son and is a filmmaker. Who knows the life of Deepak than his own family?

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Decoding Deepak. I found it very interesting and after watching it, I’ve changed my thoughts about Deepak Chopra. I probably viewed Deepak Chopra exactly like he wanted me to; as someone who had reached a level of awareness that I can only imagine. He seemed to be someone who knew ‘something’ that I had not yet understood. I think his son has let the world see a side of Deepak Chopra it would normally never see. Deep down I don’t think Mr. Chopra likes it, but I’m sure he supports his son’s career.

I think the film makes out Deepak Chopra to be rather cold and uncaring at times. A person is more concerned about his book sales, appearances, and relevancy in today’s world. He rarely let’s go his Blackberry and seems uneasy in any downtime where you would think a spiritual leader would find bliss in the empty moment. For me, the film showed Deepak as a pretty egotistical person, much more than I had previously imaged him to be.

Decoding Deepak Review

The times he is shown with family, especially his grandkids seem awkward and forced like Deepak wants it to be seen he is a loving father and grandfather. More than once Gotham calls his dad out on being present or being on his father’s attachment to his Blackberry.

One segment of the film shows Deepak being ordained as a Buddhist monk. This looked like a photo-op for Deepak and he seemed little concerned about the spiritual behind being a monk and more interested in being able to tell the story and how he will be perceived by having the title Buddhist monk tacked on behind his name.

I enjoyed Decoding Deepak. It’s an interesting look at a spiritual leader known the world over. And while Chopra has a good message and has undoubtedly helped many people on their personal journey, the documentary shows that he is human. Like most humans, he gets caught up in the material and strays from the moment. The film shows us the human side of Deepak Chopra, flaws and all. I think it portrays a man deeply concerned with being known in the world as a spiritual leader, as a guru. I think he is more into the fame part of being a celebrate than the riches but no doubt he is a rich man.

Decoding Deepak shows that Deepak Chopra has a pretty big ego. I think the face he presents to the world through the books, TV, and workshops is a glossed up version of what he COULD be,  but in reality, he’s a master at marketing himself and his brand of spirituality. I don’t like him any less after watching the documentary, I just understand he’s like everyone else. If you’re a Chopra fan Decoding Deepak is worth seeing. This review is my opinion of Decoding Deepak and if you have watched the film I’d love to hear your comments!

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My Daily Affirmations

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I Can’t Smoke in the Now

In 2011 I quit smoking. I had smoked for more than 20 years with a week or two here and there where I attempted to stop. I would fail again and again.. and now I know why. All of the previous attempts to quit smoking were for the wrong reason(s). I tried to quit smoking … Read more