Beyond Meat Beast Burger Review

Beyond Meat Beast Burger Review. It’s 70 degrees out today and if I owned a grill I’d be grilling out! While shopping last week I came across a new veggie burger from Beyond Meat. It’s called the Beast Burger and it’s a 100% plant-based burger. The Beast Burger is from a company called Beyond Meat. Today I’m sharing my opinion of the Beast Burger.

Beyond Meat Beast Burger Review

The Beast Burger is a meat-free burger alternative to a hamburger. I was raised on the classic American meat and potatoes diet. Hamburgers were one of my favorite sandwiches back in my meat-eating days. Since going vegetarian in 2011 I have tried every meat-free burger I have found in my area.
With no grill at my apartment, my best options were frying the Beast Burger. I’m not a fan of pan frying anything so I will definitely try grilling them at a friend’s house in two weeks. Fry on each side for about five or six minutes did the job. The patty stayed together and was easy to flip. A nice, crunchy outer layer was left from frying. I didn’t have a lot to go with the burger as I was excited to try them out. Just some cut up onions and stone ground mustard.

The Beast Burger isn’t exciting by itself and I don’t think it’s meant to be. Like any burger lover, we are meant to top with our favorite condiments. The burger should meld with our toppings and become that well-known and loved the burger. The texture is adequate, much like a thin burger patty. I think doubling up patties to make a monster burger is a great idea.

Once I added the onions and mustard the Beast Burger edged closer to the meatless burger I’m looking for. Topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles and I think the Beast Burger just might be my new favorite meatless burger. I’ll be grilling some at a cookout in two weeks and I’ll update this post. I’ll say for now that the Beast Burger is worth trying. This meat-free burger from Beyond Meat might just put the sizzle back in grilling!

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