Best Tips to Take Your Medicines Regularly

We live a care-free life and only care for our health when we get sick. If you develop a chronic illness, then medicines and treatments become a permanent part of life. Very few people develop the habit of taking their medicines regularly. Following a routine for medicines is hard but one can try the below tips to regulate the intake of medicines for better health.

1.  Research about your condition & medicines

Learning about your condition or illness and what part does medicines play in the treatment of your illness may help a lot in reinforcing the importance. Learning about the purpose of your medicines can be a strong motivator as well.

2. Buy a pillbox

Pillboxes have been a useful organizational tool for patients and can be easily found at most medical stores. Pillboxes have markings of days of the week and you can simply put your pills for medicines for the upcoming week in the box. In this way, you will not forget which medicines you have taken and need to take further. Pillboxes are especially useful for people who take multiple medicines for their illnesses. The most amazing thing about a pill box is that it is portable and travel-friendly.

3. Ask your healthcare provider for help

If you are confused about the medicines and their routine, you can always ask your doctor for help. Additionally, you can fetch medicine information from online drug stores as well. Have a look at to learn information about your medicines and even get them delivered at your doorstep. Ask for medicines that you can take together or in separate doses. Information may help a lot in setting up your medical routine.

4. Set reminders

There are many apps on the internet that help the patient remind them about when to take their medicines. A pill reminder app will help you keep track of your medicine intake. You can make a complete list of all your medicines and take all your medical records on your phone for consultation with the doctor.

5. Associate your medicine intake with a daily activity

Attach your medicine dose with a specific activity in this way you will remember to take the medicine when you perform the activity. Tie your medicines with healthy activities like daily exercise, breakfast time, after a shower, or before bed. Keep your medicines in a place where you can see them easily. Following this trick, you will easily develop a routine for your medicines. If you put your medicine in the refrigerator, consider sticking a reminder on the fridge.

6. Get help from loved ones

If anyone from your family takes medicines, then ask your family member to remind you of your medicine also. If you live alone, ask a friend to text you each day for the time to take your medicine.

7. Keep a list of your medication names and doses

Keep an easily accessible list of your medicines with proper information about the doses, strength, timing, and specific days. Include over the-counter pills, supplements and multivitamins in the list as well.       

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