Best Screen Mirroring App

Technology has become an integral part of our daily life. Right from a smartphone, tablets to computers and laptops, everything has become a necessity in our day to day life.  With every passing day, new innovations are being made to ensure that our life becomes simpler and easy thanks to the various apps and controls that are being introduced on a day to day basis. One such popular and often opted app is a mirroring app. 

Screen mirroring is important and often comes handy for those who are known to store lots of data and information on their laptops and computers. A phone mirroring app comes handy by letting the user access all the numbers, pictures and data on the phone mirror on the laptop or computer screen. 

These apps can also be used for streaming and watching the latest series on Netflix and Amazon Prime on the big screen so that the whole family can watch it together.

If you are looking for the best mirroring app for your computer, then here are some fabulous options for you to try out.

Best Mirroring App for Android 

Here are some amazing options for mirroring apps for android users:

  • Chrome Remote Desktop:

The Chrome remote desktop is a well-known mirroring app that is widely used across the globe. It does not replicate your smartphone on your laptop, rather it replicates your laptop or computer screen on your mobile making it a much-needed app for those who are on the go.

It is a great option to use on your tablets as the full screen can be seen easily. However, it can also be used on smartphones that have a big screen. The best part is that it is fully compatible with both Google chrome browsers and is absolutely free.

  • Google Home:

If you are on the lookout for a Free screen mirroring app, then another most opted one is Google Home. As the name suggests it works very well on all Google Home Chromecast and other Google devices. It works seamlessly.

If you need to replicate or mirror your phone on the laptop or television screen then it allows you to do so in a jiffy.  The only thing is that one needs to Rework on is download the chrome cast ultra. Once, it is downloaded one can download the google home for absolutely no cost and then start using it.

  • Microsoft Remote Desktop:

This is also a lot like Chrome remote desktop. This too helps to do the same thing that mirrors your desktop on your television screen. This app is supported by Windows Professional and Server edition.

It works beautifully on both video and sound and lets the data stream without much buffering. Also, it is free and can be downloaded easily and instantly. If one is a windows user then this is an absolute must for them.

  • Team Viewer:

This is another popular app used for mirroring. This one is greatly used for diagnostic purposes. You can mirror other devices and mobile phones also if required. It is known to support HD video and sound transmission.

This is known to support both Mac Windows and Linux. The app can also be used by business enterprises that work on a small to medium level.

Best Mirror Apps for I Phone

Here are some mirror apps that can be used for I phones:

  • A Power Mirror:

This is a widely used desktop program that lets the user stream/ cast by mirroring their phone on the large monitor. Post mirroring the user can also use the mouse and keyboard to navigate the screen on the television.

This is a great tool that iOS users can use to share the presentation with their batch mates, share notes and watch television, web series and movies together on the big screen. All televisions support this, all that one needs to do is to use a USB cable to connect the television to the phone.
It works on both Mac and Windows and gives high-quality screen mirroring.

  • Power Manager:

This is another free screen mirroring app tool that one can use to mirror the iPhone by using this tool. As the name suggests, this app is also known to organize, import and export files from the PC to mobile devices.

This app can be used with the help of a Wi-Fi connection or a USB cable.  There are many features that are available on this app apart from just mirroring.

  • LonelyScreen :

This is another app that is known to replicate or mirror the phone on the Mac or PC. It works seamlessly through airplay.  The user can instantly transfer their IOS devices on the big screen.

It also allows to record sessions that can be used in playing game videos and creating tutorials and videos.  The only issue is that it is a paid app and works better on WLAN.

Here are some of the mirroring apps that are known to be used widely across the globe.  These apps are some of the best and often used ones by the users. Most of the apps are free of cost and can be downloaded in a jiffy. These apps are available on the Android or IOS store and can be used with the help of a USB cable alone or simply wifi.

There are various other mirroring apps also like X –Mirage, Air server connect, Samsung Smart View, team viewer and mirroring assist and so on. These apps are also available in the store and can be used by all users. 

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