Is it true that our love for cartoons is never-ending? The cartoon is the first thing on the earth which amuse us in childhood, in childhood we love to see cartoons and nowadays people love to use cartoon face apps, this can change your selfie or image into the animated photo and add a fun element in your life.

Add fun in life and share your cartoon picture with friends, siblings, cousins, and family members or you can share it on your Instagram, Facebook and any social media you use.

 There are a plethora of apps which turn your photo into a cartoon, these apps provide various features and options of cartoon filter like cartoon sketch, black and white cartoon filter and many more, it makes your photo more beautiful and unique and makes your world not less the Disney land.

These iPhone cartoon apps will also helpful for those who don’t want to share their own image on social media, they can add cartoon or caricature effect on their photo and then upload it on social media, this way you can hide the real person behind the picture and also it looks beautiful and unique way to edit the picture.

So the following are the top 10 best free cartoon edit apps for iPhone users which will provide you different features, quality, and functions and edit your app in the best possible way and make your life filled with laughter and fun.



This cartoon app is the most famous app among all the cartoon apps, with this app you can easily customize your photo in an animated cartoon, cartoon sketch, black and white cartoon. There are other options in this app is you can add text and stickers before and after the cartoon effect, if you add text before the effect it will also change the text into an animation.

This app is very easy as you just need to download it free from the app store and use it, this cartoon yourself app will be used both ways, direct click cartoon photo or choose from the gallery and turn that simple photo into cartoon photo.


This app is also worked well on animation and leave behind other cartoon apps, you can use this app to make yourself a cartoon character and create memorable masterpiece picture, painnt has various features in just single cartoon edit app, like awesome cartoonish filters, effects, color flair, color transition, customized watermark, etc.

this app facilitates us with more than 2000 filters in its gallery which is the unique feature of it. Painnt will change your simple picture into an attractive cartoon picture in just one click and it has cost nothing. Paint is the best app for cartoon yourself that is free of cost as well.



Really want something different from a simple cartoon photo? My sketch app is a unique cartoon app for iPhone users it will turn your photo into a sketch cartoon, it has more than 20 filters which can change your simple photo into 20 different sketch cartoons.

you can easily change the opacity, brightness, and contrast of the photo. My sketch app is mostly loved by Instagram lovers because of its clarity and several attractive tool options.


This cartoon yourself app will help you to make your photo stylish and unique with cartoon photo editor effects, you can easily make a cartoon picture of your friends and siblings and have fun with them, this app will never let you bored.

this app is also a free app just need to download from the app store and use it instantly.


Want to customize your picture into some trendy animation cartoon filter? Artisto is the best animate yourself app in which both animated photo and video options are available, this app facilitates many filters according to emotions.

however, it only supports 30second videos but this app is best for fun and making memories with an animated video of group friends and siblings. But this app only provides basic features free, for advanced features you have to pay.


My cartoon app is also a popular app that makes you look like a cartoon, it also has a funny and amazing text and caption options, timer option, etc. this app will turn your real photo into a realistic cartoon.

In this app, you can take directly picture from the app camera or select from the gallery, add filters and adjust color, brightness, the contrast of the photo. And then save it in a gallery and share it with others.


Clip to comic and caricature maker is also a free cartoon app for iPhone which enables the people to customize their photos and videos with desirable caricature effects. Caricatures are now an advanced level of the cartoon which is spread like a fire.

This is the best app for adding fun to your photos. It provides us 8 filter effects, comics, and ton which you can apply on your existing photo or video or directly take it from clip to comic camera. This app will give you high quality customized caricature picture or video up to 180p.

It is the best quality provider app, however, its some advanced features are paid but those are unpaid are provide mind bobbling cartoon pictures and videos.


If you are fond of caricature, this animation yourself app will provide you the best caricature images in just one short, you can also participate in the selfie contest on this app.

This app facilitates various tools that can be used to modify and edit your existing pictures or you can click it by moment cartoon caricature camera itself, you have the option of black and white caricature effects, adjustable contrast, saturation, brightness and color of the picture.

Moments cartoon caricature is designed in such a way that it will provide you the best results and make your social media pictures best and unique and also remove the existed defects from the image and prepare a best-animated picture.


Change your boring picture with photo to cartoon yourself an app that turns you into a cartoon and add perfection in it, this app will make the cartoon photo in just seconds and also provide options like you can adjust brightness, contrast, a saturation of the picture.

it can edit the old pictures or you can take directly from the camera of this app. the best thing in this app is that photo quality will not deteriorate in the process of editing as it avoids stretching, shrinking and graining of the picture and provide the high-quality picture edit.

However, you haven’t optioned to directly share the picture on other social media if you want to save your edited picture can download the image in the phone or with the email you can send it to yourself or others as well.


Prisma photo editor is a very old and popular app that makes you a cartoon mostly it is used by professionals and novice users. this app is older than another app you can say other apps follow the features and facility of this app but Prisma is still on the top of all those apps.

This app just not provide animation effects but also provide other options of unique filters and effects, and used by 1200 million people. Prisma photo editor is a multipurpose photo editor which is awarded as the app of 2016. This app has several tools that make your picture beautiful with unique effects and also have animation options.

You can also upload your edited picture on the Prisma community and also follow others to see their picture. Prisma is the best app for fun and makes unique pictures of yourself.

So there are plethora of cartoon apps in app store but these ten are the best and free of cost app for iPhone users, every app has their own unique feature you can choose any of them to edit your picture or mostly app provide their own camera option in which you can take cartoon picture in just a second.

you can adjust the color, brightness, contrast or saturation of the picture and save it in the gallery and share with friends and make them laugh. Some of these apps have a video option in which you can also edit your existed video into cartoon or caricature effect and make other changes to the video and share with friends, you can directly make videos from camera option of app which will add fun in your trip when you make videos of you and your friends.

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