Being Grateful

I’m sitting at the kitchen table watching the clouds roll over the Black Hills. I’m at my best friend’s house in Spearfish for Thanksgiving. I’m visiting the Black Hills for a few days and have thought about how much I have two be grateful for. Thanksgiving is the one day that everyone thinks about what they have and give thanks. I have long been accustomed to being grateful every day by practicing both morning and evening gratitude meditations.

This year has been packed full of joyful and amazing moments! I spent much of the summer weekends photo tripping with a group of friends to a bunch of the state parks in South Dakota. I have streamlined my graphic design and online affiliation business. I have been healthy and improves my eating and exercise habits. This year has been full of positive changes for myself and for several of my friends.

I have nothing to complain about! I turned 46 last month, I continue to lose weight and I have a positive attitude every day. I just feel like going on record to say I love my life! I am happy and grateful for everything I have had, currently have and all that is coming to me. I am grateful for you taking the time to stop by my little corner of the Internet and reading about my journey. Life is good!

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