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I Can’t Smoke in the Now

In 2011 I quit smoking. I had smoked for more than 20 years with a week or two here and there where I attempted to stop. I would fail again and again.. and now ...

Beyond Meat Beast Burger Review

Beyond Meat Beast Burger Review. It’s 70 degrees out today and if I owned a grill I’d be grilling out! While shopping last week I came across a new veggie ...

Homemade Wood and PVC Computer Desk

Homemade Wood and PVC Computer Desk. I’ve been using a computer desk I built about five years ago. At the time I rented a room from friends and had limited ...

Easy Product Displays For Amazon and Zazzle

A great affiliation tool I am using for Amazon and Zazzle is Easy Product Displays. Easy Product Displays(EPD for short) is a website that makes it ...

Custom Farmers Market Flyers

Custom Farmers Market Flyers. I love going to my local farmer markets! I am blessed to have several in my town and can always find what I’m looking for. Your ...

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