A Beginners Guide to CBD Edibles

CBD is all the rage right now, and it’s easy to understand why. Its effects have been described as life-changing for many, and the benefits have been well documented. More and more people are open to the idea of taking it, especially since it was featured on major network shows like Dr. Oz.

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However, many people are still unaware of a lot of things about CBD. Some may not understand dosage very well. Others might not know what the best route of administration is.

Then some would like to try something like edibles, but don’t know how to do it safely. Let’s take a look at a few things you should know when taking CBD edibles for the first time.

Understand Dosage

Dosage is probably the most important thing to understand when trying edibles. You have to know exactly what’s in the product and how much is optimal for you.

The thing, however, is that the best dosage will largely depend on the person. Things like your body weight, the effect you’re trying to achieve, and the reason why you’re taking CBD will all make a difference.

As a rule, you should be aiming for doses of around 5mg to 20mg at first. What we would suggest you do if you want to track your consumption would be to pick a product that will make it easy for you.

Chocolates are a great example. These will usually have carefully dosed portions that will allow you full control over how much you take.

A Beginners Guide to CBD Edibles
A Beginners Guide to CBD Edibles

The Difference Between THC and CBD Edibles

Some people may be apprehensive of taking CBD edibles because of the horror stories they have heard about THC edibles. However, CBD and THC have completely different effects.

CBD is not psychoactive, and you will not feel intoxicated when taking it, even at high doses. However, you can start feeling some drowsiness if you take too much so we don’t suggest you take large quantities of CBD if you’re going to be engaging in activities that demand a lot of concentration. Small doses, however, can actually improve focus.

That’s why you must take the time to see how your body reacts and find the optimal dose for your needs.

Buying CBD Online

You also have to make sure that you buy your CBD edibles from the right supplier. You want to go with a supplier with a good reputation that will be willing to show you what’s in their products.

This is because the CBD found in edibles has to come from industrial hemp and contain no more than 0.3% THC, or else it’s illegal in the United States. Make sure to ask where their CBD was sourced from, look at reviews, and go with a company that has a wide selection.


These few tips should be enough to get you started with CBD edibles. CBD can truly be amazing when used correctly, so make sure to choose a good supplier and start slowly at first until you get the effects you desire.

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