A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Edibles

The growing cannabis legalization movement resulted in laws approving both medicinal and recreational marijuana in numerous states. Not everyone has an interest in smoking marijuana, which is understandable. Newbies to the cannabis world may not realize there are other ways to ingest the intoxicating THC found in the plant: eating edibles.

Now, putting raw marijuana flowers inside cookie dough won’t likely lead to any results. And eating marijuana edibles won’t deliver the same exact effects. So, here’s an overview of marijuana edibles for newbies that might shed some light on “pot brownies” and other THC-infused snacks.

Adding the THC to the Edibles

A traditional way to get activated cannabis into edibles involves using cannabis butter. Usually, cannabis butter goes into the ingredient mix of baked goods, such as cookies and brownies. However, the butter may provide the basis for the THC in marijuana candy bars or peanut butter.

While baked selections represent some forms of cannabis edibles. other selections include gummy bears and even beverages. Cannabis butter might not be the right choice for these selections, so, instead, the active THC may derive from a tincture.

Tinctures are liquids. Specifically, they are cannabis extracts put in alcohol. Adding tinctures to foods and beverages turns them into edibles. Hopefully, anyone purchasing edibles knows just how much THC they are getting.

One point is worth noting: edibles may absorb better when combined with fat. Butter has a significant fat content, which isn’t always the best dietary choice. However, for the absorption of THC, the amount of fat may help the process.

Edible Dosing Amounts

The packaging on edibles purchased from a dispensary often reveals the milligrams of THC in the product. 5mg and 10mg are common doses, and they could be too much for newbies. Edibles might hit someone a little harder than expected, so first, it could be advisable to try the lowest milligram amount possible. Some may take a 5mg gummy and cut it in half to reduce the serving and the THC.

Individual experiences might vary. Some suggest going as low as a 2 mg dose at first since the user might not know what the effects will be. Taking too much could leave someone far more intoxicated than intended or preferred.

Edibles vs. Flowers and Vapes

A general question newbies ask about edible is, “What is the difference between an edible and smoking cannabis?” One stark difference would be the length of time it takes for someone to become intoxicated. When smoking or vaping cannabis, expect the effects to take effect almost immediately. That is not the case with edibles because the THC in edibles reaches the bloodstream differently.

When someone eats an edible, the digestive system breaks it down. Therefore, it takes longer for the bloodstream to absorb the THC. A person might wait up to three hours for an edible high to reach its full effect. A full stomach may slow the effects, so consuming edibles after a meal might delay the onset even longer.

Also, the high could last much longer than would be the case from smoking or vaping. Those who take too many edibles may find themselves dealing with a powerful high that lasts a long time. The packaging on edibles often warns consumers about taking too many too soon, as some don’t realize it takes longer for the effects. So, they consume far more than they should and end up with a powerful high.

Choices of Edibles

Edible selections are quite varied, and consumers may find themselves switching up from various candies and sweets to unique beverages. The THC might not be different, but the “delivery selection” is, which can make the experience somewhat different. Chocolate and brownies may be preferred over gummies after dinner, for some.

Closing Thoughts

Edibles work a little differently than the traditional, smokable form of marijuana. Not everyone likes to inhale smoke, and vapes are not preferable for some. So, edibles may be the top choice for these users. Of course, some people like to “mix and match” various ways of enjoying cannabis.

Edibles come in many forms, providing several choices. Consumers need to realize it may take longer to feel the effects of edibles, and the high may last longer, as well. For some, they are okay with how edibles work.

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