6 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Rhinoplasty

Thinking about getting a rhinoplasty? You’d look great! But before you take the leap, read through the below points. You’ll realize there are many things you should know before. 

The Perfect Nose Doesn’t Exist

The “perfect nose” does not exist. Perfection is very subjective, so no matter how many rhinoplasties you get, you’ll never be able to achieve it. 

In fact, the more procedures you undergo, the more tissue you’ll scar– keep this in mind. 

The Outcome Might Not Match 

Before you go under the knife, the surgeon would create a simulation of what your nose will look like. It’s the best possible outcome. Know that the procedure might not yield a final product that looks 100% like it. However, it would be very similar. 

What would affect the final product would be your genetics. You might swell more than others.

You Should Research Your Doctor 

As the end product could go 1,000 different ways, you’re advised to work with the best. Make sure that you research rhinoplasty surgeons in the area, as you want one that has the most experience. 

Once you’ve found experienced doctors, compare their reviews. This would let you know who is most worth your time. 

Recovery Will Be Rough 

Your nasal passage is full of many bones. They had to be moved to sculpt your nose, which is why the healing process would hurt. You’d thankfully be given a heavy dose of pain medication and information on how you can reduce the pain. 

During the recovery process, your face would be wrapped in bandages. They would secure the bones in your nose, so they don’t shift. 

Along with the bandages, gauzes would be placed. They’d collect any fluid from the inside of the nasal passage. Most of the time, they are removed after a few days. 

Recovery Will Take a While 

The recovery time is around 6 weeks. For the first 10 -14 days, there would be swelling underneath your eyes. You probably shouldn’t line parties or events up until the 14-day mark has passed, because the swelling would be very obvious. 

As you’ll be recovering for a while, you might as well get any smaller procedures that you want to be done. For example, the removal of moles. A facelift could be done as well. 

Stay Away From Sunglasses

Sunglasses and any type of glasses sit on the bridge of your nose. As the cartilage in it was moved during surgery, you don’t want anything applying pressure. The result of the rhinoplasty would look much different than desired. 

For how long should glasses be avoided?  Around 6 weeks is a must. 

A rhinoplasty is a pretty big move. Many don’t anticipate how much it can hurt. They also don’t anticipate how much swelling would take place. After the bandages are removed and you see the final product, it’s normal for you to be a bit disappointed, as some swelling could be present. It would thankfully go down quickly. 

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