6 Sleep Stealers to Watch Out for and Solutions to Them

Have you ever wondered why you are not sleeping? Do you experience lighter sleep that is not as refreshing in the morning? You may have some sleep stealers.

Quality sleep should be simple, and it should happen naturally, as you change your sleep cycle, so what could be the issue? There is a lot that can disrupt your sleep, and you must address this issue.

If no solution is found it can lead to various health issues like chronic insomnia, heart disease, diabetes, among others. Below are some of the sleep stealers to watch out for and solutions on how you can handle them.  

  1. Pain 

Pain can be a cause of various issues. It could be a poor quality mattress, aches from arthritis, and no matter the source of pain, you will not get to sleep well. Also, not sleeping well makes you more sensitive to feeling pain, and hence you need to know how best to solve this sleep stealer.

Other than getting pain medication from your doctor, you can check Serta mattress reviews for a firm mattress and pillow that will help you sleep comfortably, take a warm bath, and use heating pads to help soothe the pain.  

  1. Sleep apnea 

This sleep disorder is common to both men and women. Due to its nature, in most instances, it will affect your breathing pattern while you sleep, making you sleep poorly.

Although snoring is one of the symptoms of sleep apnea, it is not the main one as most of the time, you may be feeling sleepy during the day.

Therefore, it is important to relieve sleep apnea with few lifestyle adjustments like losing weight or sleeping to your side. Plus, you can visit a specialist that can recommend a sleep study. 

6 Sleep Stealers to Watch Out for and Solutions to Them
6 Sleep Stealers to Watch Out for and Solutions to Them
  1. Not moving

The lack of exercise affects so much in your system, and it is also a sleep stealer. To improve your sleep, you need to get moving as they complement each other.

If you have a regular exercise routine, you will sleep better, and when you sleep well, you are more likely to exercise the next day.

To work on your exercise routine, start exercising in the morning, and avoid doing so too close to bedtime as it will leave you with a lot of energy to sleep. Pus you need to relax to sleep well, so yoga stretches will work best before you sleep. 

  1. Diet 

Did you know what you eat can affect your sleep? Large meals leave you too full and uncomfortable to sleep. Spicy meals will bring about heartburn. While caffeine, one of the main contributors, will keep you wide awake.

Not to forget, a glass or two of wine that makes you sleepy but makes you not have deep sleep as you should. So, this is a sleep stealer that you can easily change with a change in your diet.

For instance, avoid fatty, spicy foods and caffeine, and alcohol. Eat dinner a few hours before your bedtime and let the meal be light. Plus, adding other healthier choices to your diet. 

  1. Poor sleep habits 

Poor sleep habits have led most people to get poor quality sleep. Yet these habits are sleep stealers that you can control. To solve this issue the solution is simple by getting into better sleep hygiene.

Keep off stimulating activities before going to bed and establish a sleep routine. Use your bed for sleep and sex and not any other activity. Plus, ensure your bedroom is cool, dark, and comfortable. If healthy habits do not work, you can visit a sleep doctor to examine you. 

  1. Stress 

Anyone with stress will have a difficult time trying to sleep. Hence, they should find a way to calm their mind before they head on to sleep. More so, when you find that the stresses of your day are pressing on you.

A solution to this sleep stealer is to create a wind-down time. Choose a relaxing activity before bed, like read a book and not a virtual one, talk to a loved one, meditate and any other way you can have ha quiet time. 

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