12 Top Beauty Apps

Beauty is a concept so popular with ladies and, more recently, men as well. Beauty tips go a long way to accentuating an individual’s outlook, and what better way than to visit Term Paper Easy to get this crucial information.

Many people go about beauty in different ways, but with the advancement in technology, nothing compares to the convenience of getting every beauty tip at the comfort of your gadget.

12 Top Beauty Apps You Have to Consider  

Advancements in technology mean any person can turn their phones into personal beauty advisors. Most beauty applications can run both iOS and Android phones. So what applications constitute the best for beauty purposes?

  • GlamScout. It allows you to virtually sample out any make-up look you desire from a variety of products sold by different drug and department stores. Further, you can use transform it into a mirror as well for use. 
  • Spruce. The app offers a virtual platform that links you to a qualified dermatologist through the phone. You can send pictures of skin issues and get a treatment plan. 
  • Olay Skin Advisor. It is technically a non-app platform but a mobile-only website that gives you dermatological services. You register and relay your skin concerns for expert advice after uploading a make-up free picture. The app evaluates your skin complexion and relay information about visible age against actual age and also identifies spots on your face that could do with some TLC. It has different regimens for different skin conditions that you can use for your skin. 
  • Perfect 365 and Youcam Makeup. The two apps offer a platform for make-up experimentation by detailing how your outlook can be with different styles. It also has a celebrity make-up catalog with particular styles from top make-up artists that you can decide to try out. The two apps partner with a few beauty brands, and this allows you to order some of the make-up product options available on the site. 
  • L’Oreal Paris Makeup Genius. It is an interesting simple-to-use app that allows you to sample the different make-up shades of the brand. The app also allows you to scan barcodes of L’Oreal products in stores with a depiction of your outlook on them.
  • Sephora Virtual Artist. The Sephora app’s tool centers on lipsand strokes, with 3,000 plus lip-colors besides 90 made-up lash styles to help you decide on what shade or stroke works best for you.
  • Sally Hansen, Manimatch. Every person who loves nail polish would love this app. You place a hand using a white backdrop and view it using its camera. The Hansen polish then displays on your nails to depict how the selected shade augments your skin tone.  The app also links you to potential online retailers for a chosen hue besides having a barcode scan option for product options at the store.
  • Plum Perfect. The app is arguably better than your sight when it comes to effectiveness in the selection of beauty options for your skin.  You only have to upload a selfie into the app where it analyzes every tone feature of your face (lips, eyes, hair, etc.) to give you a Color Signature. It then sieves for appropriate make-up products for you to decide on what goes with. The app also links you to an appropriate online retailer if you want to order a product.
  • GoodGuide. It is a natural leaning app which guides you on product ratings when it comes to how organic it is. The app rates products you scan using bar codes on a scale of 1-10 and details the ingredients, categorizes the environmental impact, and the work practices of the company.
  • Rimmel Get the Look. The app allows you to point at any make-up image of your interest using your tablet or mobile camera so that you get details on how the make-up can look on you. It uses augmented reality with color-matched make-ups by Rimmel. You can also search the database to get inspiration from tutorials and ready-made outlooks.
  • Lovelyloot. The app enables you to maintain lists of preferred items in one place for future product purchases. 


Beauty is the key to maintaining a great appearance. The twelve top beauty apps will reduce your strain in seeking consultation on beauty products and services.   

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